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17 Oct 2008


Lay Ágota - About me


Lay Ágota


My name is Ágota Lay

(first name Ágota),

I was born in 1972 and live

in Brasov - Romania (MAP).

I’m freelancing stringart artist and nature photo amateur/professional photographer and

I'm passionated for

many handmade things.



     Started from 14-16 y.o. I like making handmade things: paper sculpture, paper lace, combinations of natural leaves, beech, acorns...

    At 18 y.o. I started to making origami, at 20-24 y.o. I try tapestry, but not for long.


     In summer of 2003 I try to make some nature photo, I like it and shortly become my hobby. First 2 years I have a mechanic Praktica automatic, no zoom camera, after I have for 8 month even a HP 215 digital camera, the difference was the number of photo but the quality was poor. In autumn of 2005 I buy my fist half-professional camera a Canon A75 (3x optical, 6x digital zoom, 3.2 Mp), with a 512 MB card and the possibilities open to me, in 2,5 years I make 30,000 nature photo (25,000 is good or very good). I like to make photo with sunrise, sunset, any kind of water (ice, frost, snow, lake,cascade, see, waves, ...), flowers in the nature, mountains, colorful picture at autumns and spring ...


     At Christmas 2007 after my other camera broken, I buy a professional Canon PowerShot S5 (12x optical. 48x combined zoom, 8 Mp, with many settings) and a few 2 GB card. Now I started to know a part of what can do the camera.


     In summer of 2005 I see at someone 4 cards made with stringart on cardboard. I take a needle and in a few hours I puzzle out how is made and make my firs stringart, without to see how is on the back or teach me anyone. Was a flower (FN1_basic). After a few cards I find out that if I change the direction of embroidery steps looks different (FL-basic, Fsp_Basic). After I try to skip some holes and become different.

   At start I make my patterns on graph-paper with compasses, ruler an protractor (bevel). Was really difficult, in the first year I make 60-70 patterns. After I upgrade my computer so I start to make my patterns in CorelDraw. Now after 3.5 years I have more then 650 patterns made by me, grouped in flowers, arc-flowers, loop-flowers, spiral-flowers, rose, mosaics, spirals, starsframes, crosses, for Christmas candle, tree, globe, ...


     In spring 2007 I started to make paper lace en incire, and at summer started to make lanterns from aluminum-foil, with holes, and the inside light make the pattern visible.


I like making window-paint, ornaments from beech-acorn,

mixed stile cards, and other interesting handmade things...



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© Copyright 2008 by 

Lay Ágota


Lay Ágota

Castelului 36-6, Romania - 500014 - Brasov (BV)

Phone: 00-40-(0)368-45.11.55, Mobile Phone: 00-40-(0)732-600.316

E-mail: office@stringart.ro, Yahoo messenger: agota_lay_72@yahoo.com

Web pages: www.stringart.ro/